Foundation Scholarships

The Asian American Bar Association of the Greater Bay Area (AABA) and the AABA Law Foundation will be accepting applications for the 2017 AABA Law Foundation law student scholarships on or about December 2016.  Applications will be due sometime in January, 2017, and scholarships will be awarded at the AABA Annual Dinner in March 2017.  The application will be posted here once it is available.

All current law students are eligible to apply.  Selection criteria include community service or public interest work for the Asian Pacific American (APA) community or other underrepresented communities; demonstrated leadership in the APA community; demonstrated financial need; and commitment to the Bay Area.  If you have any questions, please contact

The Foundation can only continue its work through the generosity of donors.  To donate online, visit

Through the generosity of AABA members and participants in AABA events and programs throughout the year, AABA raises money for the AABA Law Foundation—and awards the following scholarships to deserving law students:

Asian Pacific American Judges’ Scholarship

Each year, the Foundation awards the Asian Pacific American Judges’ Scholarship through contributions from Asian Pacific American judges. The Honorable Delbert C. Gee, Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, has been instrumental in organizing the contributions. The Foundation would like to thank and honor this year’s contributing judges.

Raymond L. Ocampo Jr. Family Scholarship

Raymond L. Ocampo Jr. Family Scholarship, in memory of Mr. Ocampo’s parents and in honor of immigrants like them, for the enormous sacrifices they made and the untold hardships they endured in search of a better life for their families.

Joe Morozumi Scholarship

Joe Morozumi was one of the first and finest Asian American trial lawyers in the Bay Area. Interned with his family during World War II, Joe Morozumi was fiercely committed to the fight for reparations, and he was also one of the earliest Asian American attorneys to represent political activists pro bono. Joe was an inspirational role model—he was a fearless, tireless, zealous advocate for justice for the poor and the powerless. Through the generosity of Michael G.W. Lee, Joan Haratani, and Dale Minami, the Foundation awards the Joe Morozumi Scholarship to honor his spirit, passion for justice, and his advocacy for the poor and the underrepresented.

AABA Law Foundation Scholarship

Through the generosity of AABA members and participants in AABA events and programs throughout the year, AABA raises money for the AABA Law Foundation—and awards the AABA Law Foundation Scholarship to a deserving law student.

AABA recognizes the importance of fostering the growth of law students to improve the future development of the Asian Pacific American bar. AABA will award scholarships to deserving law students who are committed to advocating and improving their communities.

The AABA Law Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to serving the community and law students through its Foundation Scholarship awards: the Raymond L. Ocampo Jr. Family Scholarship; the Joe Morozumi Scholarship; the AABA Law Foundation Scholarship; and the Asian Pacific American Judges Scholarship, developed to recognize and honor the past and present API judges of the Bay Area.


Other Scholarships

For information about other law student scholarships, please visit the AABA Law Student Scholarships page.